Saturday, April 6, 2013

Waterloo Park Wanderings

Yes. I realize my last post gave the impression that I would be visiting some Hamilton parks. I have done that a little, took a few will come.

But I'm in Waterloo today! Over my time in university, I've come to love KW a lot. As a student, I know it can be easy to stick around campus rather than explore the surrounding areas, but I think it's so important to venture out and really be present in the city and the community. I can't say I've done that as much as I'd like to, but there's still next year when I move back.

One of my favourite greenspaces in Waterloo is Waterloo Park. You know its true because I "like" it on Facebook. Be a man - make it Facebook Official.

Some of my stories....

Biking through Waterloo Park at night, singing loudly to keep the rapists at bay

Wonders of Winter light festival. 
It is so enchanting to walk home through the park late at night and look at the light displays. They have a variety of cartoon characters...Sponge Bob Squarepants, Spiderman...animals. Perhaps a little hokey, maybe not as heart-welling as the Lunar New Year light festival that I've been to in Toronto's Ontario Place. But I love it!  It has charm and the HOPE of the HOLIDAYS. You just look at them and imagine you can hear jingle bells and perhaps catch an almost ghostly regal reindeer step out of the trees (I guess then it'd be a caribou since we're in North America)

Photo cred: ...what a great blog. I have to make a point of visiting some of these  places. 

Lydia was kind enough to hang out with me this morning. (Actually she was kind of obligated - she was my Secret Servant and didn't do anything for me before I left. It's great to have a friend who owes you hang out time! haha.) We went to the newly re-opened Mel's Diner, ordered some toast, eggs, bacon, home fries, pancakes and waffles oh yes, and went to the park! A perfect Secret Santa date.

It was so bright and sunny today. We had to close our eyes - feel the warmth on our lids instead. Spring is truly coming. 

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