Monday, December 16, 2013

Arts, Design and Culture

These are what can make a city an attractive place to live.
Art used to to revitalize a declining city. Such is the case with...

Loved Hamilton when I was there. I had a real sense of it being on the verge of change, and seeing that many grassroots movements were happening.

Many of the people there were 
"Art is the new steel" - cultural industry
Artistic dividend - the contribution of art to occupational life
James Street North.

Started grassroots - the goverment has caught on? Integrated it into the plans. 
- Hamilton’s Economic Development Strategy 2010-2015
- Love Your City Project Hamilton’s Cultural Plan 2013

- Gentrification
- Dependency on public funding
- Focus on downtown, but not the outer areas.

Whitehorse and the North
Cultural industries/art industries not necessarily that useful in every case.
But in the north, Whitehorse has growing cultural industries.

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