Monday, December 9, 2013

Night/Shift: (Inner)national Parks of Kitchener

Night/Shift was a great event. As one of my co-explorers through downtown Kitchener said that night, it was like Nuit Blanche in Toronto except smaller, warmer, friendlier and sans large numbers of annoying drunk and high people. (His sentiments, not necessarily mine! I've only been the Nuit Blanche once. I thought people were nice)

Mostly I liked the chance to walk around downtown Kitchener with friends, while learning about (one side) the city's arts & culture in a way that can only be done this way. Reading about it, hearing a lecture about it, etc. is not the same kind of learning.

Favourite exhibits?

Hands down favourite thing was the (Inner)national Parks of Kitchener installation. I thought it was hilarious and clever. I'd love to see something like this be installed during the day to get more people seeing it.

A big moment for me was feeling part of city, rather than a student. I have lived in this region coming onto 4 and a half years. Despite that the fact that I've tried settle down outside the student bubble, my life and activities still revolve heavily around the University. I'm excited to become a real person when I graduate. (an unemployed person? Perhaps.)

It was cool to recognize people from my Faculty, from different events, and from just walking around the street. I understand that this is sort of a select group of people who come out to all these it's not that surprising that I should recognize them. But the fact that this is beginning to happen indicates to me that there is a bit of a community here. It may be a select group out of the general population, but perhaps that's what a community is? I'm not sure. That's a question for us to ponder forever (Or perhaps for my undergrad thesis. One or the other)

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